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  • The Team

    The Great Thames Row 2016 is happening because one remarkable lady (Naomi) had a crazy idea.  Liz was crazy enough to go for it and from there, the girls managed to convince others to help them.  Everyone is giving their time and expertise for free, and without them all, this would not be the event it is turning out to be.  Thank you Team TGTR!


    The Rower, London 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist

    Naomi Riches

    Ultimate optimist and a little crazy

    Project Manager

    Liz Charter

    Pragmatic organiser, devoted mum to the little person who has Infantile Nystagmus and inspired the creation of IN-vision

    Lechlade to Gravesend 2005 Guinness World Record Holder

    Malcolm Knight

    Keeper of The Gloriana, font of all Thames-epic-row-knowledge

    Video & Audio Producer

    Marissa Holden

    Patience of a saint with a wicked sense of humour

    Corporate Fundraiser

    Julia Collis

    MD of Powerforce GB, always polished & professional!

    Volunteer Co-ordinator

    Fiona Bennett-Meere

    Conservationist, people person who will not rest until a task is finished to perfection

    Schools Co-ordinator

    Mike Ware

    Rotarian, big kid with tons of ideas

    Technical Co-ordinator

    Paul Thomas

    An enthusiastic tech wiz who makes complex tasks look annoyingly simple

    Website Designer

    Stephanie J

    Generous and enthusiastic

    Visuals Co-ordinator

    Dan Kearney

    Has a real drive to get things done

    Facebook Queen

    Debra Jackson

    Passionate and excitable, another big kid

    Instagram Genius

    Gemma Zivanovic

    Determined with a creative eye for detail

    Rowing Club Co-ordinator

    Loretta Williams

    Has a passion for rowing and hugely well connected in the sport


    Matt Smith

    Fellow Marlow RC Rower, all round rowing enthusiast and lovely chap

    Land Coach

    Jacquie Jones

    Training/life/work balance expert, who is up for both a challenge and a giggle

    Water Coach

    John Gill

    Boat rigging expert who has a solution to every problem, the font of all rowing knowledge

    The Other Half

    Tom Pacitto

    The logical ‘What If?’ man and Naomi’s ‘anchor’ 😎

    Social Media Strategist

    Inge Dijkman

    Loves to develop and implement social media strategies with the same ease as whizzing around on her bike through the Chilterns

    The Hill Brothers

    Dennis and Alan

    The most helpful strangers you will ever meet with great knowledge of the wiggly bits of the Upper Thames!

    Naomi’s Navy

    David Jones & Andrew Bernstein

    Chief Escorts on the Tideway, strategic and super knowledgeable

    Logistics Man

    Andy Knill

    A lot of river safety knowledge and an eye for detail

    Safety & Supplies

    Tim Burkitt and Old Billy

    Trusty and reliable carrying supplies down river

    Marlow Rowing Club Co-Ordinator

    David Jackson

    Super-efficient with attention to detail, David is the perfect logistics man