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  • Row With Naomi

    There is a special role for all you rowers out there, particularly those who row along The Thames. Please see Naomi’s letter below, and get in touch to be part of this amazing adventure.

    Dear Fellow Rowers,

    Whilst this challenge is a little overwhelming, it is also incredibly exciting; for me it is about celebrating ability as well as raising money for IN-vision.

    One of the great things about rowing is no matter your age, disability or skill level, if you are inclined to get on the water you can always find a way.  I want to get as many people involved in this bonkers challenge as possible so… during the hours of daylight and if I am rowing down your stretch of the glorious Thames, I would love you to come and join me. It would be incredible to have a flotilla behind me en route… the more the merrier! If you are up for that and would like to know how to get involved please contact Loretta Williams: loretta.williams@gbrowingteam.org.uk

    I want this to be big, I want this to be inclusive and above all I want this to be FUN 😎 

    Please join me and help me achieve my £165k, 165mile challenge!

    See you on the water!